Possible Leaked Photo of Superman in His Black Suit in JUSTICE LEAGUE

Over the weekend an image leaked surfaced online that showed Henry Cavill as Superman in Justice League, and the most exciting aspect of the image is that he's wearing his black suit!

Look, I have no idea if this is legit or not. We all know it's easy to fake photos these days, but Cavill did tease the black suit in a photo he shared.

Fake or not, it's still a fun element that we know will most likely be in the movie. For those of you not familiar with the comics, when Superman was resurrected he came back in a black suit and long hair. I don't see the long hair in this photo, which was also teased, but there's a possibility Superman could still wear his costume for a bit after he cuts his hair. 

There are aspects of Justice League that I'm really excited about and seeing Superman in his black suit is one of them, which is why I thought I'd share the photo.

I like writing about things I'm excited about! 

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