Posters and Images For GOTHAM Season 2 Showcase New Characters

Even though Bruce Wayne is still years away from becoming Batman on Gotham, the FOX series isn't afraid to make damn sure that everyone remembers there's a big Bat-influence on it. THR has a couple of new posters/banners and two new images from the show's upcoming second season, and the designs are obviously meant to recall images of The Caped Crusader's iconography.

The new images feature new actors James Frain (True Detective) as Theo Galavan, "a billionaire who claims to want to save the city from itself," and Jessica Lucas (Cloverfield) as Tabitha Galavan, who's playing Tigress. They seem like they'll be excellent additions to the show, but there's a danger in having too many characters in play, especially when almost all of them are villains. The show might need to start thinking about bumping people off instead of adding more actors any time soon.

Gotham airs on FOX on September 21st.

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