The POWER RANGERS Are Getting a Panel at SDCC


This year will be the first official San Diego Comic-Con where Power Rangers will be there under the Hasbro banner. There will be a panel titled Power Rangers Power Hour during the convention where Hasbro will be showing off new toys, announcements, and the future of Beast Morphers. Unfortunately, the cast of Beast Morphers will not be able to attend.

For the toys, fans are expecting the reveal of the Lightning Collection’s Wave 2 figures. According to Power Rangers Now, the expected figures in Wave 2 include Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger, Lost Galaxy Magna Defender, and Beast Morphers Gold Ranger. In addition, fans are hoping that Hasbro will show off new Lightning Collection figures that will be retailer exclusives (like the Mighty Morphin Black with Dragon Shield) and some are hoping for a Psycho Ranger to make the cut. If I get to go, I want to ask how they determine who gets a Lightning Collection figure.

There will also be autographs at the Hasbro booth, but no guests have been officially announced although Austin St. John is expected as the SDCC exclusive two-pack will be his character Jason Lee Scott. I am hoping that he is there along with Jason David Frank. Who do you want to see at the convention and who should get a Lightning Collection figure?

Power Rangers Power Hour will be on July 18 at 4 PM in Room 9.

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