The only official timeline for the release of the 26th season of Power Rangers called Beast Morphers is Spring 2019. This has led to speculation for various months in early 2019 with February often seen as the most common option. However, The Power Scoop noticed that Rorrie Travis’ clients may have given us the answer. Travis will be the Red Ranger for Beast Morphers and he is also an acting coach when not filming. Well, a couple of his clients posted to Instagram and both posts said to watch him as a Power Ranger in March 2019.

Of course, none of this is official as Travis had previously said that the show would premiere in February as noted by Power Scoop. Also, the toys won’t be launching until April when Hasbro’s toy agreement finally kicks in. It is likely that Nickelodeon will want to air some episodes before the toys are available, though which would point to March as the latest for the premiere. What do you think? When will we get to see Beast Morphers in action?

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