POWER RANGERS Fans May Finally Discover Who Tommy Married in SOUL OF THE DRAGON

I have been incredibly impressed by the quality of Shattered Grid storyline in the current Power Rangers comics. Now, one of the writers, Kyle Higgins, is working on a graphic novel called Soul of the Dragon. This novel will feature the most famous Power Ranger ever, Tommy Oliver, as he hunts down his missing son. That’s right, Tommy has a son! In another twist, this will take place years after Tommy has stopped being a Ranger. Here’s a brief synopsis:

The original graphic novel is titled Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Soul of The Dragon, and focuses on a previously unexplored time in Tommy Oliver’s history. After his time as the Black Dino Ranger in Dino Thunder, Tommy has moved on from being a Ranger, letting the S.P.D. Rangers defend the world. Unfortunately, his son goes missing, and he’ll have to discover some things about his past and join up with some surprising teammates to find him and bring him home safely.

Also, Higgins was asked about Tommy’s wife. Fans of the show will remember that Tommy has had at least two love interests: Kimberly and Katherine. So, who did Tommy pick? Higgins said:

Well I’m not gonna answer that directly but I will say that it doesn’t really matter. The story is about much more than that. There are some threads involving who Tommy is married to, but I think when you get into what the narrative is and what he is trying to achieve as far as saving his son, as well as from an even more deeper personal level, what it looks like to have been five different Power Rangers and no longer be in that mix.

What a tease. Sounds like it’s not an important detail, but a lot of fans now want to know what the answer is, now that we know there’s an answer. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon will be illustrated by Giuseppe Cafaro, released by BOOM! Studios, and they brought Jason David Frank onboard as a special consultant. If this is as good as Shattered Grid, I’d love to see this become a movie or mini-series. Who do you think Tommy ended up with and how much like Liam Neeson do you think he will be?

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