POWER RANGERS Movie Plot Details Revealed [Spoilers]

Thanks to Heroic Hollywood, we have some potential plot details regarding the new Power Rangers movie currently in development. The following information is full of SPOILERS, so if you don't want to know what the movie is going to entail, I suggest you don't read beyond this point.

The following information reportedly comes from the screenplay for the film written by Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz. Here are the main points of interest:

  • The movie opens "on Earth during the cretaceous period, where Zordon & his group of Power Rangers fight off Rita Repulsa. Zordon detonates a black hole in order to defeat her."
  • 65 million years after that we meet our 16-year-old Power Ranger heroes Jason, Billy, Zack, Kimberley, and Trini. 
  • Jason seems to work at Hart Automotive, a garage in the back of a car dealership in Angel Grove, California.
  • Billy is described as being "brilliant in his own way."
  • Zack is a guy that the girls love and the other guys want to be.
  • Kimberly is a perfectionist on every level, academically and physically.
  • Trini is a loner, who is into yoga.
  • They all gain their powers after traveling to a decommissioned base to check out a dinosaur fossil of a T-Rex that they found on Google Earth. It's there they dig up five power coins, which, as you know, turns them into the Rangers.
  • Those coins belonged to Power Rangers from the opening scene of the film.
  • At an observatory in Hawaii, "Astronomers witness a meteor shower of historic proportions collide with the moon causing waves on Earth to rise in the Pacific Ocean due to the moon's altered gravity."
  • Zack, Billy, Trini, Jason, and Kimberly team up for the first time as heroes when "a young mom needs to be rescued from waves that surged inland when the meteor shower struck the moon."
  • Zordon ends up reappearing as a light in a teleportation room. It's described as an "ethereal version of his entire body in a glass tube hovers like a ghost." Zordon is talking with the robot Alpha 5, who informs Zordon they've been stranded on Earth for 65 million years.
  • Zordon realizes that the main villain Rita Repulsa is also alive. Her starship landed in Russia, and she wakes up begins her quest to find gold to remake Goldar. So she starts to plan a series of bank heists.
  • Goldar's molecular presence spread out across the world. Zordon and Alpha 5 learn that they have 71 hours to stop her. 
  • The five young heroes wake up in their bedrooms the morning after finding the power coins, and it's then each of them start to discover they have special powers and abilities.
  • "Zordon realizes that the power coins have bonded with five indigenous life forms on Earth. 71 months wouldn't be enough time to train the new rangers, let alone 71 hours. Rangers are drawn from the free planets, the best and most disciplined chosen from billions. Taught from the time they were children."

Of course we all know that Jason, Billy, Zack, Kimberley, and Trini are going to be fine, and that in the end they are the heroes the world needs. The report doesn't say what will happen at the end of the movie, but of course the Power Rangers are going to stop Rita!

Power Rangers will be released in theaters on January 13th, 2017. To read all of the details and descriptions of how this all plays out, click here.

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