Insurance Adjusters Deal With Superhero Fallout in First Trailer For NBC's DC Comics Show POWERLESS

I'm writing this as quickly as I can knowing it'll probably be taken down soon! A trailer for NBC's upcoming DC Comics sitcom Powerless has hit the web! This is the show that focuses on humans living day to day in a world with heroes battling amongst them!

It also appears that this series is connected to the cinematic universe and NOT the CW shows (as best as I can tell. I can't confirm it, but it seems highly likely). Hopefully you get the chance to see the trailer! We'll update with an official embed when it becomes available!

In case the trailer gets pulled, here are some highlights:

  • It opens up with two heroes facing off. The villain shoots a fireball that derails a train. Super heroine Crimson Fox grabs the train before it crashes to the ground. While holding the train, there's a knock on the window and we hear "Excuse me! Could you put the train back on the track please?", and another woman yells "I'm late for my shift at Orange Julius!" Crimson Fox drops the train on ground and flies away.
  • The first woman is our main character, Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens). She becomes a viral sensation for "standing up" to the hero, and her coworkers are enamored with the fact that she interacted with a real life superhero.
  • Emily works for an insurance company that specializes in damages caused by superheroes. Someone makes a joke saying that they should deny an "Act of God" claim because the damage was caused by Wonder Woman, who is technically a demi-god. It made me chuckle. We see shots of villain clean-ups at various homes.
  • Alan Tudyk appears as the jerk boss, and we see several more references to DC heroes including Hawkman on the cover of Rolling Stone.
  • Looks like a number of the staff believe that one of their coworkers is a super hero, probably a Green Lantern, but no one knows for sure. We see a coworker breaking a chair over the suspected hero's back and him collapsing. I laughed again.
  • Tudyk's character is reading a leadership book by Lex Luthor and laughing.
  • Some woman says she wants to bang Aquaman.

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