Predator Cosplayer Proposes to Girlfriend as Predator


The Predator got together with some of his pals, including a Stormtrooper, a couple of Starcraft characters, Bumblebee, and more, to assist and support him in proposing to his girlfriend. 

The report comes from China News, which explains that when his girlfriend, Zhu Wenjing, entered a bar she was immediately surrounded by seven cosplayers all dressed up. I'm surprised she didn't run away, but maybe that's just normal life for her. 

Her boyfriend was dressed up as the Predator, and he proceeded to propose to her. She said yes, but it would have been a hell of a lot funnier if after he took his mask off and proposed she replied with… "You're one... ugly motherfucker!"

Thanks to Geekologie for the heads up!