Prepare To Feel Uncomfortable in Trailer For New Netflix Series HATERS BACK OFF

I watched this trailer fifteen minutes ago and I'm still unsure if it's really bad or really good. I think it's bad in the sense that it made me ridiculously uncomfortable, but I'm assuming that's what makes it good? Haters Back Off seems to take the SNL skit Superstar and revamp it for a new generation. You have a painfully unaware weird girl (Colleen Ballinger) who looks to be famous with the help of her uncle (Steve Little) via viral videos. We also see her mother (Angela Kinsey) who seems to be aware that her daughter is a little out there. Will she find fame? Probably. 

I still can't get over how this trailer made me feel. I wanted to crawl out of my skin I felt so weird! Then again, that's how a bulk of YouTube personalities act, so once again I'm conflicted. The show premieres on October 14th. 

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