Professor X Teased To Appear in LEGION Season 2

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If you were watching the first season of Legion then you were treated to a finale complete with the bombshell reveal that David Haller was adopted, and that his father has a significant role in the X-Men universe. If you are familiar with the Marvel Comic then it wasn't really THAT big of a surprise.

Series star Dan Stevens spoke with Collider about the reveal and how it would play out in Season 2. But don't get too excited because he also says that fans should be patient with the FX series to find out more about Charles Xavier's role in the show.

Stevens was asked if the reveal would affect David moving forward, he replied, "it's always there."

"It’s always plaguing him or ringing bells in the background of whatever is going on. It’s less at the forefront of his mind, at the beginning of this season, but it definitely comes into play, as we move on, as it does naturally for people who discover that they are adopted. It’s an intriguing prospect, I’ll say that."

Charles Xavier has not appeared in the series, but there was a shot of his iconic wheelchair, which Stevens revealed has a special connection to the X-Men cinematic universe.

"[That was] the actual wheelchair from The X-Men movies, by the way, which was awesome. It came up to Vancouver in a special crate and there was almost a ceremony, as it was un-boxed. It was really cool."

Legion showrunner Noah Hawley has toyed in the past with the idea of getting Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy to make appearances. But there is still no word if either will make an appearance or if the show will cast someone new.

But Stevens did offer Stewart the opportunity while appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden right after Stewart said he was retiring from the role since Logan had premiered in theaters.  Stewart answered: "ABSOLUTELY. One hundred percent."

Legion premieres on FX on April 3rd.

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