Promo Teaser for DOCTOR WHO Season 10 - "He Says He’s a Man of Peace, But He Walks in War."

A teaser trailer has been released for Doctor Who Season 10 and The Doctor's latest companion Bill (Pearl Mackie) is sharing her impressions of him, saying:

“The first time you meet him, he’s funny. The second time, he’s amazing. The third time, you realize he’s the most dangerous man in the universe.”

She's having such the time of her life that she will continue her adventures with him even if it kills her! That's what I call dedication! It's a fun little promo teaser that is sure to get fans of Doctor Who excited for what this season will bring.

This season is the last time Peter Capaldi will take on the role of the 12th Doctor, and longtime showrunner Steven Moffat is leaving as well. Doctor Who season ten is set to premiere on Saturday, April 15 on BBC America.

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