Proof-of-Concept Fan Film for BATTLE ANGEL ALITA

Director James Cameron has been wanting to make a film based on Yukito Kishiro's Manga series Battle Angel Alita for years. He’s been tied up in the Avatar world, though, and it doesn’t seem like he’s ever going to get around too it. 

A group of fans didn't wait for Cameron to make the movie, and they’ve developed a short film for other fans to enjoy. This is a proof-of-concept film called "The Alita Project," and it was developed by writer Forrest McClain and director Natasha Kermani. As you’ll see below, it turned out to be extremely cool! 

"This film is meant to solely to display our vision for a live-action Alita. Learn more about the project at"

It’s just a little tease to show what these talented individuals can do, and I’d love to them expand on their vision. If you’re a fan of the Manga, I hope you like what this short has to offer. 

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