PSYCHO's Shower Scene Recreated in Stop-Motion on Jack-O'-Lanterns

Here's a remake of Alfred Hitchcock's classic horror film Psycho that we never saw coming. It's a recreation of the iconic shower sequence with a collection of shots carved in pumpkins. The jack-o'-lanterns were created by Yuliya Tsukerman, who then turned them into a stop-motion movie. The result in incredible, but I have to admit, there's some very eerie about watching this sequence play out on pumpkins. 

This Halloween, I set out to recreate the shower scene from Psycho using only carved pumpkins. "Psych-o-Lantern" is the result! Each frame was slashed, stabbed, and sliced out of a real pumpkin. For stills and more, visit

Via: Cheezburger

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