Put the Finishing Geek Touch on Your Room with Sci-Fi Door Decals

Gearby Eli Reyes

That’s right. It happened. You’ve run out of space on your walls for movie posters, your shelves are overflowing with comic books, and your desk is so full of geek paraphernalia that it is no longer functional as a, ya know, desk. There’s probably even an action figure hanging from the pull chain of your lamp… admit it! Now, the only remaining vestige of blank space your room has is the door. No, not the inside of the door that faces your room, that’s long been plastered with posters. We’re talking about the part of your door that faces out. Sure, you could put a simple “Keep Out” sign on there, but you need something that says more. And these sci-fi themed door decals do just that. The Airlock, Armory, and Laboratory designs don’t just say “Keep Out.” They say, “Keep out! Because I’m definitely in here, alone, and with my action figures.”

The door decals are available for purchase at Think Geek. Thanks to GeekxGirls for the find.

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