Quentin Tarantino Pitched J.J. Abrams a STAR TREK Film Idea and He Might Direct It!

Paramount Pictures is getting the ball rolling on the development of their next Star Trek movie and some of you will be happy to hear that Quentin Tarantino is actually involved with developing it! I've always wondered what Tarantino would do with a franchise like Star Trek and Star Wars, and now it looks like we're going to find out! 

According to Deadline, Tarantino shared a story idea that he came up with for Star Trek with J.J. Abrams, who is currently developing Star Wars: Episode IX, and apparently Abrams loved it! Now the studio is already looking to assemble a team of writers who will hear out Tarantino's take and according to the report, if everything works out Tarantino also might end up directing the movie, which is kinda crazy! 

I never thought Tarantino would do anything like this and I would love to see him take it on! When previously talking about the Star Trek franchise and what he might do with it, he said: 

"They might have trapped themselves a little bit by the simple fact they have to use all the crew now. In all the films they’ve established it so much, that you need Uhura, you need a Scotty, you need Bones, you need all that stuff going on all the time — everybody has to be represented in some big story where they all have to deal. Where I actually think it could be cool — 'cause some of those episodes are fantastic, and the only thing that limited them was their sixties budget and eight days shooting schedule, and even having said that they did a magnificent job — but you could take some of the great, classic Star Trek episodes and just easily expand them to 90 minutes or more and really do some really amazing, amazing stuff.”

Another thing Tarantino mentioned in the interview was time travel. Specifically, the episode of Star Trek: TNG "Yesterday's Enterprise" where an Enterprise from the past appears and screws up the timeline:

"I actually think that is not only one of the great space stories, but the way it dealt with the mythology of the whole thing — that actually could bare a two-hour treatment."

With that said, it will be interesting and exciting to see what kind of story idea that he came up with. It sounds like it's going to be a more isolated story with fewer characters, which I'm completely fine with. But we'll just have to wait and see.

Tarantino is mostly known for coming up with original film ideas, but it's cool to see that he's willing to try something out with an existing franchise like Star Trek. I hope this all works out! 

Would you be interested in seeing Tarantino direct the next Star Trek film?

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