Qurator is an App That Will Quiz Users Before They Can Leave Movie Reviews

Every online platform will have trolls. This leads many companies to constantly be looking for new ways to combat them. Trolls have even led to review sites like Rotten Tomatoes to adjust how users can leave reviews. Well, in another step to combating trolls and in an effort to create a review system that users can trust. Enter Qurator. This is a review app where anyone can leave a review of movies, but to combat trolls, the user will be asked questions in an attempt to make sure that they have actually seen the film.

Qurator was created by Thomas Eromose Ikimi and Brandon Victor Dixon. The initial vision was from Ikimi who told Variety:

A few years ago I was looking at reviews and I found it very difficult to sift through a rating and decide whether it was accurate. I thought that there must be a way of distilling the reactions actual fans would have. That’s what compelled me to look for a solution.

Then, Ikimi brought Dixon on board who had the concern about finding reliable information in reviews:

I thought it was the immediate solution to a microcosm of the film world. We are at a point in time where we are really focused on the integrity of the information we’re given. This solution tied both into our film and social zeitgeists.

I used to pay a lot more attention to reviews, but the issue we’re seeking to fix and what caused me to pay less attention to reviews is I wasn’t getting objective information.

Overall, I think this is a pretty cool idea. I would argue that no review is fully objective, but if you can verify that the individual has seen the film, that at least can make sure the reviews are based on actual viewings. What do you think about Qurator?

You can download Qurator on Android and iOS.

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