R2-D2-Inspired Leather Derby Hat

For those of you who are looking to droid up your Star Wars wardrobe, here’s a R2-D2-inspired leather derby hat. And guess what?! It will only cost you $594.99! I guess the finer Star Wars things in life definitely are going to cost you a pretty penny. The Derby hat comes from The Blond Swa,n who offers the following details:

The perfect accessory for any co-pilot, whether you’re traveling though space or fighting the Sith Empire. This hat is sure to be the talk of the galaxy.
We make all of our products using traditional leather-working techniques to give you something that will last a lifetime. Our R2 Leather Derby is hand-crafted from premium raw leather that is then wet molded, keeping true to the classic derby style with its slyly curled brim. They are then finished with a cotton padded sweat band and custom belt to finish the hat.

If you are so inclined to order one, click here.