R2-D2 Wants To Help Get Your Morning Started as a Coffee Press

If you're a big Star Wars fan and you love drinking coffee, then this R2-D2 coffee press is exactly what you need. Now that I'm looking at it,  I'm surprised it's taken this long for this to exist. I came across it at That's Nerdalicious, who mentioned that the Dexter series intro would have been better with this edited into in it, and now that's all I want to see.

We don't know about you, but we're kind of a mess in the mornings. We get up on the wrong side of the bed literally (what? inside is a side!). We try to brush our teeth with shaving cream, and we put our underwear on backwards. We're basically a hot mess. In slippers. That probably don't match.

Let R2 help you navigate your mornings more successfully with this Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Press. He's happy to help a human in need. Put your grounds and boiling water in his glass body, brew for a few minutes, plunge, and he'll serve up 32 oz. of piping hot coffee. For folks playing along at home, that's 4 cups, so even if your motivator is so bad that the Jawas put you back on the scrap heap, he can still get you going. 

If you want one, it'll only cost you $39.99 at ThinkGeek.

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