Rad Collection of Geek Art From Bottleneck Gallery - EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, THE THING, JAWS, and More!

I've got an incredibly cool collection of Geek Art from Bottleneck Gallery that will be available for purchase at New York Comic-Con this weekend. There are a lot of prints here that I would love to buy. 

The art debuted on /Film, and includes art inspired by films such as The Empire Strikes Back and Blade Runner 2049, which were created by Karl Fitzgerald. There is also a great Wonder Woman piece by Martin Ansin, and other prints that include The Thing, Jaws, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Friday the 13th, Guardians of the Galaxy, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and more.

I'd have to say that my favorite one in the bunch is Jaws. It's got a great old-school pulp art style and features the shark eating Quint. Look over the art for yourself and tell us what your favorite piece is!

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