Radical ATTACK ON TITAN Realistic Replica Gear

There are a ton of Attack on Titan cosplayers out there, and if you're one of them and you want, to take it to the next level we have some replica gear that you'll definitely want to check out! The "Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear" looks like the real thing, and it comes with everything you need to complete your outfit. I just wouldn't attempt trying to fly around with it. I know a lot of cosplayers like to make their own props, but you can't deny that this is seriously cool. It's made from aluminum, silicone, and resin, and in total it weighs 22 pounds.

The Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear mock-up will be released in Japan next January, but you can pre-order it here for 107,784 yen. That's $1,018 in U.S. currency. So it's a bit pricy, but way worth it for hardcore fans who have been looking for this kind of thing.

Via: Kotaku

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