Rainn Wilson Wants A Harry Mudd Spinoff Following His Appearance In STAR TREK: DISCOVERY

Following his appearance as Harry Mudd on a recent episode of Star Trek: Discovery, actor Rainn Wilson is wanting the character to get a spin-off series. Wilson recently talked about his hopes and aspirations for the character in a recent interview and we got what his plans are for his character (via Comicbook) below: 

“This is what I would like to see in season two, episode four or so: They bump into Mudd, he's got a merchant ship, he's got a crazy crew on the merchant ship, and he's getting into all kinds of trouble traveling around the galaxy trying to do little deals. And, boom! We’ve set ourselves up for a spin-off show. The Harry Mudd spin-off show. That would be my ideal.”

To me, it sounds like Wilson is trying to capture a Guardians of the Galaxy vibe in the Star Trek universe. I'm kind of on the fence about the idea personally, although it would be cool to see how Harry Mudd always gets himself into the predicaments he's in as opposed to hearing about it in the aftermath. I could see that making for an entertaining series!

On the same token, you don't see Star Trek shows operating outside of the realm of Star Fleet...so I don't see this one really happening. What about you?

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