Ralph Fiennes and Hugh Laurie Join CastoOf Will Ferrell's HOLMES AND WATSON

Two men that you would expect to see in a film centered around Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson have been cast in a film that has already cast two odd actors for the lead roles. Ralph Fiennes and Hugh Laurie will appear alongside Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly in Holmes And Watson (via THR).

Considering its two lead actors, I highly doubt this film will be steeped in the drama that the detective novels and series have typically been associated with. That said, adding two U.K. names like Laurie and Fiennes has to strike a nerve for fans who have always wanted to see the noted actors in the famous roles. Considering we know very little about the project, including the roles of the two recently cast actors, I guess I shouldn't jump to conclusions. 

Weird casting aside the film does have me interested in a character that has been done to death, particularly in the last decade, so I gotta give them that. I can't wait to see a trailer! 

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