RAVNICA: HEROES OF THE GUILDS Provides 13 New Subclasses Perfect for Ravnica Campaigns in D&D

If you are starting a Dungeons & Dragons campaign and setting it in Ravnica, the Magic: The Gathering setting, then you may want to let your players look at Ravnica: Heroes of the Guilds. This unofficial supplement from Christian Eichhorn and Christopher Walz adds 13 new subclasses to the game with each one associated with a specific guild from the Ravnica setting.

These are very well themed and are really cool. The Way of Decay Monk for the Golgari Swarm sounds so cool, but so dark. Also, the College of Debauchery just seems like nightmare fuel to me, but others probably think it’s awesome. One thing that I felt was maybe a bit much was the Wojek Commando’s Martial Mentor ability.

This ability allows you to train your allies so they become proficient in a weapon in exchange for 1 hour of practice. I think it would’ve made a bit more sense to either put a time limit on the proficiency or require a number of training sessions. This is a very interesting ability though. These subclasses are very clever, and while I think many are better suited for villains, I’d be interested to see heroes using them as well.

This collection includes 13 new subclasses for all classes and guilds. Aside from being used by players, these subclasses may serve as a basis for villains or NPCs in a Ravnica campaign. We offer a wide range of options with some surprising combinations!

You can purchase Heroes of the Guilds from DMs Guild for $4.99.

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