Read How Mark Hamill Thought Luke Skywalker Would Be Introduced in THE FORCE AWAKENS

Mark Hamill had a whole panel to himself this morning at Star Wars Celebration Europe, and io9 recounts the actor's story about how excited he was to read the first line in the script for The Force Awakens: "Luke Skywalker has vanished." He was as surprised as the rest of us to find out that he doesn't speak a single line in the entire movie and that Luke only pops up for a brief minute at the end, and he spent the whole first read-through guessing when he'd appear for the first time since Return of The Jedi.

“Where I thought I came in, I thought I came in when the lightsaber flies off [in the snow],” Hamill said. He then reacted surprised that it wasn’t him. “What? Rey caught it? She hasn’t even finished her training!”

And after mentioning that he was in the studio doing ADR for Episode VIII this past week, he dropped a tantalizing hint about the dialogue we'll hear in next year's sequel:

“There’s dialogue in there that I can see on a t-shirt,” he said. “Rian Johnson is amazing. Forget ‘May the Force be with you.’”

Admittedly, they'll put just about anything on a T-shirt these days, but Johnson is one of my favorite filmmakers, so I'm sure he's crafted some fantastic pieces of dialogue for these characters and I can't wait to hear them for myself. In case you missed it yesterday, be sure to check out this awesome art from Bottleneck Gallery that features Rey meeting Luke on Ahch-To.

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