Read Max Landis' Pitch For GHOSTBUSTERS 3

Before all of the hype surrounding the Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe, there was a brief minute in which Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis was rumored to be involved with a more traditional Ghostbusters 3 that would have been a direct sequel to the original two films (the new movies will be their own thing, not continuations of the older ones). He quickly denied it on his Twitter account, but that doesn't mean that he wasn't intrigued by the idea. He was so taken with it, in fact, that he ended up developing an entire pitch for the movie — not with the intention of it ever getting made, but as more of a writing exercise. Much like he did with his Super Mario Bros. script, he's released the entire thing online for fans to read, and it's a doozy. Read it all here, but he offers a brief explanation:

“Seeing as it appears the new Ghostbusters franchise will be moving away from the previous films, and be a complete reboot, I thought it would be fun to release an idea I’d been kicking around for a third movie, turning the first two into a trilogy. Following my own beliefs about trilogies, it is a completion of the cycle and themes started in the first film, updated for modern film standards. As such, it features a heightening of the first film’s threat, as well as multiple action sequences, and deeper emotional through-lines for the characters. I never pitched this. It is essentially just fan fiction. Please judge it accordingly; I released it to an overwhelming amount of requests, and also just because I like sharing this stuff.”

He also released a few tweets with his fan casting of the project, and now it makes me kind of want to see what everyone would have done with this! What do you think?

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