READY PLAYER ONE Cast Talks About 80's Pop Culture and Steven Spielberg Movie References

This weekend Warner Bros. treated fans to the first teaser trailer for Ready Player One and the fans went wild for it! I loved what I saw, especially with the visuals and all of the crazy cool retro pop culture references that it was loaded with. It was an explosion of nostalgia, and what we saw in this first trailer is just the tip of the ice berg! There's so much more!

While talking to MTV, a few members of the cast talked about the film, the 80s references in it and how much of director Steven Spielberg's own references we'll see in the film. Spielberg already said that he cut most of his references out, and when the cast was asked about it, they confirmed. Olivia Cook, who plays Art3mis said:

"He was very adamant of being the least bit self-referential as possible."

TJ Miller who plays a new version of the character i-Rok added that, "He felt that less was more of him." It's totally understandable that Spielberg would want this to be a party that he's throwing for himself. There will be enough in there, though, that will make fans happy, especially with the DeLorean! That looks so freakin' awesome!

The conversation then moved on to 80s pop culture and how much of it that's we'll see in the film. If you've read the book, you know it's packed to the brim of 80s awesomeness. Tye Sheridan, who plays Wade Watts a.k.a. Parzival said:

"There's so much there, and that's the book, there is so much pop culture squeezed into that book. You can't possibly fit all of it in the film but there's a lot more to come I think and when people see the film I think they're going to feel so much nostalgia watching it."

I already felt that nostalgia just watching the trailer! I can't wait to see what else was packed in there! As for the visual style of the film, I was blown away. The movie has such a unique style. According to Miller, is so different from anything that we've seen before that that Spielberg had a hard time describing it to him. He said: 

"The closest he's been able to come with me is it's going to look like a video game, but a video game in the future. It's going to look so hyperrealistic even when you're in the game that it's just gonna, there's never been a movie that looks like it."

As you saw in the trailer, Spielberg pulled it off in a way that I don't think anyone else could have. The trailer was a thing of beauty and I honestly think that Ready Player One could be a crowning achievement for Spielberg. 

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