Real Life Military Grade Boba Fett-Inspired Tactical Armor

Star Wars' legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett serves as the inspiration behind this tactical body armor created by ballistic body armor manufacturer AR500. The gear was created in collaboration with Ryan Flowers, Heckler & Koch, SOG Knives & Tools, SureFire, LLC, Team Wendy, Armasight, Inc., Wilcox Industries Corp, and TEA Headsets.

As you can see, it sure does look cool, but I could also see Disney swooping in to shut it down due to copyright infringement, unless they have permission. Flowers said in a statement:

"Galac-Tac is a culmination of my love for all things science fiction and tactical apparel and armor. My goal was to combine these two passions into a futuristic yet functional battle armor and helmet highbred."

I'd personally love to see an army dressed in this gear! It would be the most badass looking army ever! 

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