Red Hood Faces Off With Pennywise The Clown in a Great Crossover Fan Film Called RED HOOD: IT

For those of you who know the story behind Red Hood a.k.a. Jason Todd, you know that he doesn't have the most pleasant history with clowns. After all, he was brutally murdered by The Joker. After he has resurrected, thanks to the Lazarus Pit, he went on to become the Red Hood and as you might expect from someone who is murdered by a clown, he might be a little bitter about them.

In this fan film, Red Hood: IT, from writer and director Hisonni Johnson, Red Hood comes face to face with another terrifying clown menace... Pennywise The Clown. The short explores what would happen in this crazy crossover situation that I never saw coming. 

The story follows Red Hood (Noel Schefflin) who is on a violent journey of tracking down the supernatural force that is the cause of Gotham City's clown problems. This leads him to Pennywise. This is an impressively made fan film with solid acting, fight choreography, and camera work.

It's a dark gritty film that I think fans will enjoy. What I love about fan films like this is that anything is possible! We'd never see this kind of crossover outside of the fan community, so it's awesome that there are talented fans out there who can give these things to us! Check out the short below and tell us what you think!

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