REFLECTIONIST Offers a Unique and Interesting Unofficial Class for D&D Players

If you’re looking for a fun and new class to try out for your Dungeons & Dragons games, you may want to look at making a Reflectionist. The Reflectionist is an unofficial class from Casey Machado and Dorothea Rosenblatt. The class’ main thing is its ability to create “Reflections” or altered duplicates that have unique abilities such as fighting with claws or possessing people. What makes these Reflections different from other duplicating spells is that damage and actions are shared between the Reflections and the Reflectionist. This will mean that every choice you make can be critical.

Whether gaining positional advantages on the battlefield or using their broadened outlook to navigate social challenges, reflectionists embody an understanding that maintaining multiple perspectives can yield powerful potential.

The Reflectionist class is a versatile combination of modest spellcasting, martial combat options, and potent class features that will delight both a player’s roleplay and tactical sides. Its signature “Conjure Reflection” ability enables Reflectionist characters to create a duplicate of themselves as seen through a different perspective, thus enabling it to harness new potential energy to fuel its abilities.

If this sounds like a fun class, head on over to DMs Guild and you can pick up Reflectionist for $4.24 (it’s currently on sale from $4.99).

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