Rejected Princesses Highlights Women Too Badass for Disney

As you may have noticed, here at GeekTyrant we are big Disney Princess fans. Disney Princess art, Disney Princess parodies, Disney Princesses dressed up as better, cooler characters… we love it all. But if we’re going to be honest, some of the Princesses are kind of wimpy, poorly characterized, or totally lacking in agency. Like, what was Aurora’s defining characteristic in the original Sleeping Beauty? I don’t know. It was a cool story, but like some of the other princesses, she was a little bit boring.

Enter Rejected Princesses, a website devoted to “women too awesome, awful, or offbeat to get their own animated movies.” The brainchild of former Dreamworks animator Jason Porath, Rejected Princesses gives somewhat forgotten women their due. Each post features a fantastic Disney Princess-style illustration, plus a write up of why the woman is so interesting/unlikely to make the Disney vault. Like, Wu Zetian was really interesting and ambitious, but there’s never going to be a theme park attraction built around a woman who murdered her own children to get ahead. She’s just too awful. On the awesome side of things is Mai Bhago, the Sikh Warrior Saint, who was the protector of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, is illustrated cutting off the head of one of her enemies.

We’ve posted a couple of the illustrations here, but go to his site to see more and read about the stories behind them.

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