Deborah Ann Woll To Star in a New DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Show Called RELICS AND RARITIES

If you love Dungeons & Dragons shows, there’s a new one coming for you to check out. Deborah Ann Woll of Daredevil fame has teamed up with Geek & Sundry to create Relics and Rarities, which will premiere on Alpha on February 4, 2019. For the series, Woll will serve as the DM of a new campaign set in a world that she has created.

The world of Relics and Rarities is immersive with sets designed especially for each adventure. Players will have unique puzzles and props to make their gameplay even more exciting. And though the world is established and rich, none of the gameplay is scripted. A roll of the die could change the direction of the quest or a character’s fate. That means you want to tune in every week to be present for any and all surprises. The players are going to need all the luck and best wishes you can spare.

The rest of the cast will include Jasmine Bhullar, Julia Dennis, Xander Jeanneret, and Tommy Walker with different celebrity guests appearing each episode. As you can see in the trailer below, the show will have a very elaborate set which some believe will actually be used to help solve puzzles and such in-game.

Via: Nerdist

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