Remarkable 16th Century Style Superhero and Star Wars Cosplay

You've got to check out this incredible series of cosplay photos that feature several superheroes and Star Wars characters in 16th century during the Renaissance. The photos were taken by photographer Sacha Goldberger, who recently held an exhibition of his work at the School Gallery Paris.

This is a stunning collection, with immaculate, awe-inspiring details. The design work of the costumes used is absolutely incredible. This is seriously one of the coolest cosplay photo projects that I've ever seen. Even some the models used were made to look almost exactly like the characters they represent. For example, the make-up work that transformed his models into Princess Leia, Heath Ledger's The Joker, and  Christopher Reeve's Superman is incredible. These are actual people. Princess Leia was modeled by Sabine Graissaguel and Superman was modeled by Jonathan Tuil. Their faces were transformed by the use of make-up and lighting. 

You're all seriously going to love these! To see even more of his work, click here.


Via: Kotaku

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