Reports Indicate Carrie Fisher Had Completed Her Scenes on STAR WARS Episode VIII Before Passing

Sources are reporting that Carrie Fisher had completed her scenes in Star Wars: Episode VIII before her untimely passing. Variety says that it appears that writers will not have to address the loss of Princess Leia until the next film in the series, in which Fisher was slated to appear in. 

I'm not at all surprised that Fisher had already filmed her scenes for Episode VIII as her role was relatively small in The Force Awakens, and the film has been in post-production for awhile. I am curious as to how big her role in the series will be going forward and if writers will now have to alter the story to cope with the loss. 

Do you think Fisher's role would be substantial enough that she would need to be recast? It seems pretty difficult to continue the series without a major political figure...maybe they'll go another route? I'm trying to leave spoilers out of this, guys. Help me out. 

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