Reports Indicate Disney+ Is Looking at Releasing THE MANDALORIAN Episodes on a Weekly Basis

Remember back before streaming services let you binge all your favorite shows in a weekend? We had to wait a week between episodes. This allowed us to formulate theories and discuss things with friends as we waited for the next episode.

I know that if you watch cable TV this is still a thing, but with more people watching streaming services than cable, it feels almost like an article of the past. Well, it looks like streamers may have to go back to that feeling of patience and excitement once again with Disney+, at least if they’re watching The Mandalorian.

Anthony Breznican of EW has heard from a few sources that while The Mandalorian will launch with Disney+ on November 12, it will not be the entire first season. Instead, episodes will likely be released on a weekly basis. I would actually be ok with that since that allows people a little more time to get caught up on the latest episode and lowers the risk of spoilers.

It should be noted that Disney has not confirmed or denied any of this information yet. Would you rather a weekly release schedule or do you want the full binge dump?

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