Reroll is an Upcoming App for D&D Character Sheets That Lets You Create a 16-Bit Avatar for Your Character

There are plenty of Dungeons & Dragons character sheet apps and tools. They range from free to a couple bucks to more if you want access to more than just the System Reference Document (SRD) content available to you. Enter Reroll.


Reroll is an upcoming app for Android, iOS, and web browser that not only acts as a character sheet, it also allows you to create a 16-bit image of your character. All of the other character sheet apps I’ve seen sometimes allow you to upload an image but Reroll will let you create and customize your artwork. This is really cool in my opinion, and you can support the app before it officially launches via Kickstarter.

There’s less than a week to back this project, but you can get a key for Reroll starting for roughly $8. There are also levels that give you multiple keys for discounted rates and if you’re willing to pledge roughly $1000, you can get the Legendary Pack that includes a poster of commissioned artwork of your whole party.

This is where I talk about the problems. The main problem is that due to licensing, the app only has the information from the SRD. This is extremely limiting, but you can upload XML files of homebrew content that will help you have some fun. Another problem is that there will only be 14 races, but D&D features roughly 36 races. I hope that Reroll continues to work so that all the races can be used, but for the moment some players may not be able to create representations of their characters.

If you’re looking for a character sheet app that helps you create artwork and you’re okay with the limitations, this looks like a great tool for you. I’ve included a video about the app as well as sample pieces for your enjoyment.

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