Resistance Rises in This New Trailer For THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE Season 3


Amazon Studios has released a new trailer for The Man in the High Castle Season 3 and it gives us a glimpse that the rise of the resistance of those who fight for hope and the world they want. This has been such a fascinating series to watch. I love the concept and the story that it's been telling has been fantastic.

The trailer teases the state of the "new America" and explores hope and heroism as the Reich is looking to unlock access to the multiverse and interdimensional domination so that they can invade and rule parallel worlds.

This series is based on Philip K. Dick’s 1962 alternate history novel, and the story explores "what would have happened if the Allied Powers had lost World War II. While Germany controls much of the East Coast and Japan controls the West Coast, the Rocky Mountains have become a 'neutral zone'—and ground zero for a resistance, led by a mysterious figure known only as 'the Man in the High Castle.' While some citizens struggle against the fear, oppression and inequality, others accept their lives, as compromised and unfulfilling as they might be. But after a series of enigmatic films surface depicting a world vastly different from their own, some begin to question the very nature of their reality."

The show has already been renewed for a fourth season and the third season will premiere on October 5th.

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