Restored Outtakes from Clint Eastwood's A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS

I'm a huge fan of the western film genre, and the spaghetti westerns of director Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood are some of my favorites. This year, The Cannes Film Festival will close with a screening of a restored version of Leone’s 1964 classic, A Fistful of Dollars. While the film was going through the restoration process, a collection of outtakes from the movie were discovered, and the people working on the restoration went ahead and restored those as well. Cineteca has released those outtakes online for fans and film lovers to watch. 

It's apparently very rare to find 50-year old outtakes like this, as most footage from that time period would have been destroyed or thrown out. This gives us a rare glimpse into how Leone directed his films which is a real treat. I hope you appreciate this little bit of movie history. 

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