Retro PAC-MAN Lamp, Complete With Classic Sound Effects From The Game

If you happen to have a game room in your house or apartment, or you just really dig Pac-Man, The Fowndry's new Pac-Man lamp might be just the thing for you.

This remote-controlled light includes a dimmer feature and 12 classic arcade sound effects, which the site suggests can be used as an alarm clock to wake up children. That seems unnecessarily cruel, especially after you hear the sounds in the video below — I can see how they would get extremely annoying very quickly, but it is a fun, non-traditional way to light up a room and would probably look great next to an arcade cabinet or pinball machine.

You can pre-order it here for a little under $40.00 U.S. dollars (which includes stickers for the eyes and mouth), and it's due to be in stock late next month.

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