Review: A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS is a Phenomenal Story for Everyone


I need to be upfront and honest about one thing. I have never read A Series of Unfortunate Events. I once listened to the audiobook for the first book, The Bad Beginning, but that was probably ten years ago at least. However, when I saw that Netflix was turning the books into a TV series and they cast Patrick Warburton and Neil Patrick Harris, I was sold. I decided to give it a shot, and I am so glad I did.

I cannot compare the Netflix series to the books, but I will say this, the TV series is fantastic. The design of all the costumes and sets is top notch. The script is fabulous. Every single actor does a great job. At the end of every episode, my wife and I had the hardest time turning it off so that we could go to bed. It was addicting. The first season is extremely formulaic, but that formula is broken by season two and season three is intense from start to finish. One more factor that I think played a huge role in the greatness was the pacing. Each book was broken up into two 45(ish) minute episodes except The End which is given only one episode.

I do not wish to give anything away, but at the very end I felt very satisfied. Most questions (there are a lot of questions that arise) were answered and the ones that weren’t, I didn’t find as large barriers to my enjoyment. This series can easily be enjoyed by adults, young adults, and even some children. You can stream all three seasons right now on Netflix.

Score: 9/10

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