Review: AMC's PREACHER Is a Must Watch Masterpiece

This was the best WonderCon that I have been to. There was such great content this year. I was not that impressed with the location, but the content was almost up to San Diego standards. It was the first time that I had to decide what panels I was going to attend and which ones I would have to skip due to time constraints. It was great.

One of the best panels that we went to was for AMC’s new show Preacher. In the vein of The Walking Dead, Preacher is an adaptation of the '90s graphic novel by the same name. It is the pretty raw and in your face type of story that AMC has been known to bring to its audiences. After watching the first episode of Preacher, I have a feeling that it will fit in perfectly with their current lineup.

The rest of this post could be considered spoilerish, so if you haven’t read the Preacher series and want to go into the show with a clean slate, (You need to watch this show!) then stop reading. However, if you are familiar with the story and are apprehensive about the show and whether it will do the story justice, you will be pleasantly surprised. Read on.

For those of you not familiar with Preacher, it is a graphic novel published by Vertigo. It follows the story of Jesse Custer, who is not your average preacher. He is possessed by an extraterrestrial that is the spawn of an angel and a demon. He has the power to persuade people to do what he says, good or evil.

The first episode is basically the origin story of Jesse and how he got his powers. The show literally starts off with a bang and ends with you wanting more. The show brings out Preacher’s wonderfully colorful cast of characters, including Tulip, the vampire Cassidy, and the one and only Eugene, aka Arseface.

Dominic Cooper is stellar as Jesse Custer, and he leads a near perfect cast into this story of the fight between good and evil. Complementing Cooper’s performance is Joseph Gilgun as the hysterical Cassidy. With a show that has as deep, dark undertones as this one does, there has to be strong comic relief, and Cassidy is just exactly what this show needs.

I want to go on and on about specific scenes and what to possibly expect, but I want you all to enjoy the first episode as much as I did. Just know that if you are a fan of the graphic novel, then you will not be disappointed with what they have done with the show. Get ready for another great show coming at us from AMC. 

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