Review: ANT-MAN is Marvel's Most Comedically Wild Adventure

It seems like a lot of fans are still skeptical about Marvel's latest film, Ant-Man. But you know what!? It's freakin' spectacular! It's easily the most comedic adventure film that Marvel has made so far, and the story and action are impressively exciting. 

I know Ant-Man isn't an awesome-sounding or appealing title, or name of a superhero, but don't judge a movie or a superhero by its name! Judge it by the awesomeness that it contains! Going into this movie, I knew it would be fun, but I had no idea it would so damn exciting. James Gunn was right!

No joke, Ant-Man had some of the most entertaining and inventive one-on-one fight scenes I've seen in a Marvel movie. The creative team really had some fun planning out the choreography for these scenes. There were two sequences in particular that stood out. I won't spoil anything for you, but the climatic fight sequence near the end of the movie was unlike anything I had ever seen before. Not only were these fight scenes cool to watch, but they also implemented a lot of great humor, which made them really pop. 

As for the story, it revolves around a complicated heist of stealing the Yellowjacket suit from Darren Cross. But one of the main aspects of the film is its focus on family. The whole reason Scott Lang takes on the heist job for Hank Pym in the first place is to be able to see his little girl and be the hero she thinks he is. As a father of three girls myself, I was able to personally connect to this story, which is another reason why I enjoyed this movie so much. It's not easy living up to my kids' expectations of me, but I certainly do the best I can. Maybe one day I'll have to tell them the truth that I'm really a superhero. 

The movie had a very different tone and vibe to it than the other Marvel movies, which was actually quite refreshing. It's good to switch things up a bit to keep audiences engaged and on their toes with something different. It might be a shock to some fans, but that's OK! Just enjoy the wacky ride that Ant-Man gives you!

As you'd expect from any Marvel film, this movie was perfectly cast and the performances from Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Corey Stoll and Evangeline Lilly were fan-freakin'-tastic! Then there were all the side characters who were equally as good. I have to say, though, Michael Pena's character Luis was one of the best parts of the movie. He was so great and stole every scene he was in! It's like this movie was specifically built as a vehicle for all of these actors to star in. 

As for director Peyton Reed, he's no Edgar Wright, but he did deliver an incredibly entertaining flick that fans will enjoy. Ant-Man probably won't strike a chord with everyone because it's so different from what Marvel has done in the past. But that's one of the reasons I liked it so much. 

If some of you are still not sold on seeing this movie, I really hope that you give it a chance. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. If you're already excited about seeing it,, then you won't be disappointed. 

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