Review: AQUAMAN in 4DX is a Visually Spectacular Experience with a Weak Script

ReviewMovie AquamanDC by Joey Paur

I recently had the opportunity to finally see director James Wan’s DC movie Aquaman and I got to experience it in 4DX, which was an incredibly fun experience. I’ve never seen a film in 4DX before and it was pretty wild.

As you’ve seen, Aquaman has been getting a lot of great reviews and positive buzz. With all that buzz, and the cool footage that I’ve seen from the trailers, my expectations for this movie were set pretty high. James Wan is one of my favorite filmmakers and I was expecting great things from him.

Wan did the best he could to bring the story of Aquaman to the big screen and he succeeded in delivering one hell of a visually stunning epic adventure film! This was seriously a beautiful and action-packed movie that will keep audiences entertained.

It had that fun and adventurous tone, and the scale of everything was so big and so vibrant. The underwater world that Wan and his creative team created for this movie was absolutely spectacular! The attention to detail with the settings, costumes, and character designs were impressive, and there’s no doubt the visuals are going to blow the socks off of audiences.

The question is… is this the best DC film made so far in the DCEU? In my opinion… no way. I still think that Wonder Woman is the better DC movie. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy Aquaman, because I totally did! I’d say that it’s my second favorite DC film.

For me, I just felt that the story and script could and should’ve been a much better. The writing was pretty bad and very generic. There was a lot of dialogue in the film where I said to myself, “that’s not how people talk in real life!” The dialogue just wasn’t believable and was so flat that not even the actors could make it work. It definitely wasn’t as strong as the script that Wonder Woman had.

In the end, Aquaman was a very stimulating and thrilling adventure, but the script just didn’t match up with the visually. I did enjoy Jason Momoa as Aquaman, though. He’s not the greatest actor, but you could tell he had a blast making this movie. All of the other performances were decent, considering the script they had to work with.

As for the 4DX experience, if there’s a 4DX theater experience near you, you should definitely try it out with Aquaman, it really was a wild ride. Just in case you don’t know, the chairs move with the 4DX experience and there are also elements of wind, rain, snow, lights, and smell that are implemented to give audiences a very unique theatrical experience.

Aquaman hits theaters this week. Go check it out and tell us what you thought!

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