Review for Arnold Schwarzenegger's SABOTAGE

In my opinion director David Ayer's Sabotage is the first true Arnold Schwarzenegger movie that the actor has made since he started acting again. It was a hardcore, gritty and badass action film that was fun to watch. I'm not saying it's the greatest Schwarzenegger movie that has been made because it definitely has its problems. I'm just saying it was great watching the legendary actor kick some ass, kill some bad guys, and deliver some amazing one-liners. After all, it wouldn't be a real Schwarzenegger movie without out a bunch of good one-liners. I will say that this one contains a quote that will probably go down as a classic. I won't ruin it for you, but if you watch the movie, you'll know it when you hear it. 

As much as I enjoyed the film, I was expecting more from Ayer. I've enjoyed most of the films that the director has worked on over the years such as Training Day and End of Watch. Both of which were solid, and had really incredible thought out scripts and tight stories. The story and script for Sabotage was a disappointment. It was kind of all over the place, and the transitions from one plot point to another just didn't seem to flow well at all. I guess you could say the pacing was completely off. There were also a few twists, turns and surprises in the story, unfortunately those were sloppy. I understand what they were trying to do with the story, I just think they could have pulled it off better and smoothed it out with a few script changes and some smart editing. All that stuff was fixable, I'm not sure why they didn't tighten it all up before they released the film.

As far as the acting goes everyone was over the top. I can't see anyone really acting the way they did in the movie in a real situation. At the same time watching the overacting kind of made the film a little more entertaining. When it comes to Schwarznegger, he basically played the same guy he always plays, and it was great! I loved the looks that he gives during the course of the movie, and I couldn't help but smile everytime he gave a little smirk smirk of his mouth and squint of his eyes… the guys still got it. As for the rest of the cast, which includes Sam Worthington, Olivia Williams, Terrence Howard, Joe Manganiello, Harold Perrineau, Joe Manganiello, Josh Holloway, and Mireille Enos… I guess they just tried to keep upping each other in portraying crazy law enforcement agents under stress. 

The movie wasn't as good as I thought it would be, but it was still entertainingly brutal enough for me to enjoy. If you're a big fan of Schwarznegger and you've enjoyed his films over the years, then there's a good chance you'll like what this movie has to offer.

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