Justice League Vs. Teen Titans is Warner Brothers' other versus film coming out this March. During last weekend's WonderCon I had a chance to see an advanced screening of the animated movie that's in the same cineverse as films like Son of Batman and Justice League: War.

If you've seen those previous films then your expectations should be perfectly dialed in for what the tone, quality of animation, and voice acting will be like. That said, Justice League Vs. Teen Titans feels pretty safe in terms of story. While solidly told, it's not mind blowing for a team "origin" story. The story is so simple giving a summary would give away too much (so sorry for the short review).

The Teen Titans comprise Raven, Blue Beetle, and Beast Boy. They're appropriately awkward and overpowered, which keeps their showdown with members of The Justice League from ending quickly. Starfire is the team's naive adult supervisor who has never been animated more attractively. When you see the movie you'll know what I mean. Damian Wayne's integration into the Titans is full of expected quippy humor, yet the jokes still work.

While not as great as last year's Batman vs. Robin, Justice League vs. Teen Titans is fun and stays true to previous incarnations of Teen Titans. Just know that not much changes by the end and is just a windup for future Teen Titan movies, hopefully with a lot more Nightwing.

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