Revisit Megadungeons with MEGADUNGEON MAYHEM Supplement


If you’re a long time Dungeons & Dragons player, you may have heard of megadungeons. If you’re newer, you may not have any idea what that means. The idea behind a megadungeon is that most, if not all of the campaign takes place in a single dungeon. Many associate megadungeons as the table top version of a hack n slash game with little story, but that’s not always the case. That being said, they’ve fallen out of favor with fifth edition a little. If you’re wanting to get back into megadungeons, you may want to take a look at Megadungeon Mayhem on DMs Guild.

Tim Bannock and Ken Carcas have teamed up to create this guide in creating and running your very own megadungeon. The main chapters of this fan made supplement are “Fundamentals of the Megadungeon,” “The Megadungeon Experience,” “Escaping the Megadungeon,” and “Concluding Your Megadungeon.” Megadungeon Mayhem looks to be a fantastic tool for only $6.95 if that is the kind of experience you and your friends are looking for in your gaming sessions.

I would be remiss if I let you believe that Megadungeon Mayhem is only for Dungeon Masters though. That second chapter is geared more towards helping connect characters together and to the dungeon for a more immersive experience. While it is important for the DM, it can be helpful for players to take a look at this chapter.

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