Rian Johnson Discusses The Potential Future of Kylo Ren; Can He Be Redeemed?

Ever since Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released Rian Johnson has been giving us insights about the direction he took the film in. In a recent interview with IGN, Johnson talked about the potential future of Kylo Ren. This gets a little spoiler-y so here’s your warning.

The question Johnson was asked was if he believed that Ren could be redeemed. This is a question that I’m sure many fans have been asking since Star Wars: The Force Awakens and they’ve been asking it even more after The Last Jedi. Here’s Johnson’s response:

Are you kidding? Vader was worse than Kylo ever was, I think, and Vader got redeemed. Also, I should just for the record [say] that I’m not involved in the writing of the next movie. I’m an audience member in it, just like you, so when I talk about what’s going to happen next it’s in the context of, as a fan, what I’m thinking of.

We learn a couple of things from this answer. First, we need to stop asking Johnson about what’s going to happen to characters after The Last Jedi. He’s not involved! Second, we learn that he raises some good points. I agree with him that Vader is eviler than Kylo ever has been and ever will be. He killed younglings! He is responsible for the destruction of the Jedi! He tried to fight the high ground. If Darth Vader can be redeemed, I think there’s a chance for Kylo Ren to come back to the light. He did kill Snoke after all. That was something that for a moment made me think he was redeeming himself during this movie. What do you think? Can Kylo be saved, or are his sins too grievous?

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