Rian Johnson Explains Significance Behind the Last Scene in THE LAST JEDI

Guys, I’ll be honest, I really like Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I don’t get all the hate for this film. Would I say it’s the best Star Wars movie? Probably not. Is it my favorite? Let me watch it a couple more times before I decide on that. Is it fun and a good movie? Yes. Many fans, myself included, have some questions about the film and luckily for us, Rian Johnson seems more than happy to talk about this kind of stuff now that the movie is out in theaters. Only continue onward if you’ve already seen the movie or you do not care about spoilers (but really, you should go watch the movie).


The Last Jedi ends with a little stable boy sweeping and looking out into the stars above Canto Bight, the gambling planet. When the boy goes to get his broom, you will notice that he uses the Force to do so. WHAT?! That’s crazy, what does this mean? Johnson sat down with CinemaBlend to discuss this scene.

First and foremost, that scene and the stable kids were about, for me, Luke’s journey and about the final act that Luke does, and showing at the end of the movie that it wasn’t just about saving 20 people in the cave, but that it was about taking on the mantle of the legend of Luke Skywalker so that that would then spread through the galaxy and reignite the hope, and the underclass would start to rise again. And so... showing THAT through the stable boy at the end, that was the real intent of the scene. And yeah, just the little hint of... there is more out there.

Luke’s return to the fight, not as a Jedi or a man but as the legend at the end of the movie is the spark the galaxy needs to restore hope and bring down the First Order. He spent the last several years refusing to take the mantle upon himself and when he finally does, it's what everyone needs. Even with his death, we have the Resistance emboldened after losing everything. We, the audience, have knowledge of other Force users in the galaxy. Hope is returning after all seems lost. We have more and more characters stepping up to the plate (hopefully more aliens will be prominent in future films). Of course, because this is Star Wars, we are left wondering if that little boy will return in later stories or if he’s just meant as a “little hint of…there is more out there.” Will we see more Force users in Episode IX? What are your thoughts on Johnson's explanation?

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