Rian Johnson is Still Defending THE LAST JEDI and Says Luke Skywalker Was "100% Consistent" With The Original Trilogy

Even though Rian Johnson is currently shooting his new film project Knives Out, he’s still finding time to defend Star Wars: The Last Jedi from the fans who didn’t like the movie.

One of the main things that some fans didn’t like about the film is how Luke Skywalker was portrayed. This is something that Johnson has already defended many times in the past, but when a fan expressed his distaste for the changes with Luke, Johnson couldn’t help himself and responded:

Look, you all know that I liked The Last Jedi, but even though I liked it, and as big as a fan as I am of Johnson, I think he just needs to stop coming to the film’s defense. What’s done is done and he’s not going to change anyone’s minds or opinions. It almost seems like the more he defends it, the more he’s not confident in the decisions he made.

Johnson is just pouring fuel on the fire of fan hate when he comes to the defense of the choices he made for the film! He just needs to let it be and move on and forward from it.

He needs to put his focus on the film that he's currently making!

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