Rian Johnson Just Defended A Plot Point Of STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI In A Hilarious Way

You can hound Rian Johnson day in and day and complain about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but it doesn't seem like you're going to break him. The director has been making it his goal to address each and every issue fans have had with his film, and his latest might just be his best yet. 

Johnson spent today on Twitter specifically addressing the scene in which Luke uses "Force Projection," to transport himself to the field of battle. Those who dislike the scene have remarked Luke's appearance is far outside of the realm of possibility for what a Jedi can do. I could explain how Johnson proved that's not true, but it's a lot better if you just follow the pictures by clicking the tweet thread (yes there's more than two pictures) below:

Yep, turns out Force Projection is canon. Of course, this is a silly argument to make as if it wasn't, someone would've stepped in and told Johnson he couldn't do it well before the film made its way to theaters. Now if he can just explain how people can survive the freezing cold of space but die of sadness...

Did you have a problem with Luke's scene? Thanks to Comicbook for bringing this to our attention.

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