Rian Johnson on Luke Skywalker and What The Future Holds After The Events of THE LAST JEDI

Fans seemed to be split on how Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) was handled in the story for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. A lot of fans had very different ideas and expectations for the character, but director Rian Johnson gave us something completely unexpected. I personally kind of dug it, but I know not everyone is a fan, which is fine. I can respect everyone's opinions.

During a recent interview with /Film, Rian Johnson opened up about the decisions he made with Luke Skywalker and what the future holds for him. 


Johnson previously talked about the decision he made with Lucasfilm in regards to Luke's fate saying that it wasn't an easy decision to make and that he was terrified to do it, but explained that it made sense with this chapter of the story. He was asked about killing off Luke again in this most recent interview and this is what he said:

"It was something very early on that started to feel right to me.  It was a process. It was very early when I thought, when I kind of landed on where Luke’s head was at and what his arc was going to be in terms of moving from someone who’s decided the galaxy is better off without Luke and the Jedi to fully embracing the galaxy needs a legend to believe in. I’m going to put this on my shoulders and be the legend of Luke Skywalker for everybody.
"When I knew that was his arc, I had the instant tinge of that means that’s the place for him to [die] because what else can he accomplish in the physical realm beyond that? That would be the place emotionally that would have the most impact for him to let himself go. […] I don’t know what’s gonna happen in Episode 9 at all, but there’s actually more potential for more interesting things in terms of his role in the final chapter if he moves into another realm."

Just because Luke passed on and moved to another realm doesn't mean we won't see him back in Episode IX! Apparently, there's more to Force Ghosts than we think and he could easily come back and continue to haunt Kylo Ren and Help Rey. In regards to Luke's future, Johnson said:

"It’s fascinating, isn’t it? A lot more fascinating than him just tagging along with our heroes with a lightsaber. So to me, it opened up more potential and it seemed like having a full film that is Luke’s journey… it seemed like if there’s any place in the trilogy where it’s gonna have the most potent place, it would be here. But believe me, I wasn’t looking forward to doing it."

The big question is, will J.J. Abrams see it the same way and utilize Luke Skywalker's Force Ghost in the final chapter of this latest trilogy? I hope so! After all, Luke did say to Kylo Ren, "See you around kid."

What would you like to see happen with Luke in Episode IX? Do you want to see Luke Return in Force Ghost form, or do you think the story should continue without him?

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